The Partners

Fraunhofer ICT The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise and of wide benefit to
Smithers Rapra Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira Ltd provides services for the polymer industry and industries using plastics and rubber in any component, product or production
TNO The TNO Maritime Material Performance Centre located in Den Helder and Eindhoven is the leading Dutch technology centre focusing on the prediction of material and component performance in extreme and maritime
Archimedes The APT company is an innovative driven producer of nanoparticle enabled solutions for polymers, metals and ceramics.  The company employs a highly analytical approach and uses state fo the art processes including methods of particle size reduction, dispersion and exfoliation for nano materials. APT has also developed a range of nano enabled thermoplastic syntactic foams and it will be using similar materials during its participation in
PPG PPG is a leading fiber glass producer with manufacturing and R&D facilities in Europe, America and Asia. They have developed a unique portfolio of fiber glass products for high performance short and long fiber thermoplastics. PPG have over 50 year of experince in the fibreglass industry and are leaders in markets such as wind energy and
Comfil Comfil have experience in research and have been involved with developing and manufacturing thermoplastic composites for over 20 years. They have facilities for testing and consolidation of material as well as equipment for spinning, co-mingline and fabric
Loiretech Loiretech designs and manufactures tooling for large and complex thermoplastic and composite parts, including preforming, moulding and trimming tools.Our main customers belong to the commercial aerospace, automotive and defence industries. Loiretech industrial organisation is ISO9001 certified. They are involved in sustainable development and therefore has certified its organisation through
Coriolis Coriolis has developed automated systems for composites parts manufacturing. The company is involved in the development of the production of wind blade components comprising low cost thermoplastic
NEN NEN: the knowledge network for standardization and clearly defined agreements. NEN supports stakeholders in making agreements about products, working practices and services. They support this process as an independent and trustworthy partner. In order to promote the use of standards and other types of agreements, NEN publish them in various forms, organize training courses and give
Windrad logo Windrad Engineering GmbH offers consultancy services for wind turbine manufacturers and project developers. Their aim is to support their customers with development projects as a competent partner and to make the wind energy converters more reliable and cost-efficient. Through their R & D projects they are always up-to-date with the latest technology and constantly seek to further develop thier methods and
Norner NORNER is a fully independent, Innovation and Technology partner. From gas conversion to polymer modification and polymerisation, additives for polymers to the extrusion and end use of plastics, Norner will strive to make a difference for the industry.  The company competence and equipment covers a wide range of key technologies in the polymer and materials industry which makes them capable of an intimate cooperation with companies in different levels of the value chain.