Sustainable Thermal Energy Management Industrial Forum (July 2015)

Members of the (project) consortium were recently invited to attend the Sustainable Thermal Energy Management Industrial Forum 2015.  Held on 9th July at the Gosforth Park Marriott Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne and organised by SusTEM and Newcastle University, the event focussed on leading edge technology and planning the route to an economically and environmentally sustainable industrial environment towards 2020 and beyond.


The SusTEM forum aimed to support the World Economic Forum (WEF) sustainable development agenda and focussed on thermal energy management.  The importance of private sector involvement in any solution to climate change was stressed by Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank at the WEF last year.

The 40 delegates at the forum discussed the real challenges and industry needs for meeting energy targets towards 2020, the results of which will be disseminated widely to industry, researchers, policy makers, funders and other stakeholders.

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