Number of offshore wind farms looks set to rise over next few years!

image for Apr blogOne contributing factor to the development of these wind farms is the rise in supply tariffs in a number of countries which promotes investment into this sector.  This will lead to the development of larger turbines which will maximise cost effectiveness and energy efficiencies.

According to a market research report, ‘Global Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Market by Testing, Material, Blade Size, Regulations & Outlook (2011-2016) published by ‘marketsandmarkets’, the global wind turbine rotor blade market is expected to almost double between 2011 and 2016 from an estimated €5.7 billion to €10.9 billion.

In particular, larger blades will be commonplace as the industry looks to reduce costs and increase energy output.  This anticipated increase in blade length will drive the need for additional testing facilities to check for reliability during the blade’s lifecycle.

Add to this the growing acceptance of offshore wind farms as people become aware of their benefits such as improving efficiency, minimising material requirements, recyclability and helping to reduce energy dependency on fossil fuels and the outlook for wind energy looks good.