Outer Coatings

Development of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic coating, improving environmental resistance, anti-icing properties and durability against abrasion combined with a new predictive simulation model.

Strong industrial participation (74% of the project budget) with an accompanying unfunded Industrial Exploitation Board will ensure the commercial relevance and exploitation of these developments.

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastic wind-blades may require additonal coatings to protect the blade from environmental loads.  Abrasion, fouling, icing and erosion are examples of such loads.  In particular, erosion is often generated from droplet impingement.  This particular issue requires coatings with a rubbery character throughout the coating layer but also a scratch resistant surface alongside the coating.  A model to determine the optimal conditions for such coatings was set up in this work package.  At the same time thermoplastic coatings were created with an anisotropic character and possibly self-healing to generate the desired properties.  Special attention to coatings adhesion is important as the coating should adhere to thermoplastic composites.

WALiD has developed a thermoplastic coating with high erosion and UV resistance which has a protective surface layer that has demonstrated increased durability under harsh conditions.