Life Cycle Analysis in WALiD

Part of the work for WALiD requires an assessment of the LCA impact of the new technologies being developed within the project, but why are we doing LCA?

LCA is a tool that captures and measures the impact that a product has on the environment. It is able to set up limits, make comparisons, identify hot-spots, or just better understand the impacts on our surrounding natural world.

The life-cycle viewpoint means that we are looking into the whole life of the product: from raw material extraction, through production and usage, up to recycling or disposal – i.e. from cradle to grave. This helps us understand our supply chain and how a change to one part can have a knock on effect.  It also provides assurance that by reducing the environmental impact on one stage of the life cycle it does not lead to increased environmental impact elsewhere.

Blade Life CycleWALiD blade life cycle

Within a research project, this translates as a tool that can be used to help decision-making in the development stage by comparing different solutions which are otherwise difficult to differentiate. This can also be used to highlight the benefits of the new product compared to existing state of the art and more generally speaking can also be a great communication tool if used correctly!

GA Meeting and Exploitation Strategy Seminar Hosted by PPG, Wigan (February 2015)


Partners from the WALiD consortium attended a two day meeting on 24th and 25th February 2015 which was hosted by PPG at their offices in Hindley Green, near Wigan.

The meeting commenced with an Exploitation Strategy Seminar run by an EC Expert during which the key exploitable results in the project were discussed.  The purpose of this seminar was to assist in the development of the foreground in the project and compile an exploitation plan beyond life of the project. It was followed by a General Assembly meeting where the partners presented work carried out during the last six months.

A plant tour was also conducted during the first day of the meeting and a partners’ dinner was held at the Holiday Inn Haydock.

EWEA Offshore event begins Tuesday 10th March


EWEA Offshore 2015, the world’s largest offshore wind energy conference and exhibition gets under way on Tuesday 10th March.  This three day event will be held at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark and will include a whole range of conference topics relating to offshore wind energy.

It is expected that this event will attract participants from over 50 countries and is therefore an ideal opportunity to learn about important industry trends and network with industry professionals from across Europe.